Monday, October 11, 2004

Hey Donald, Trump this!

Pamela is no longer a name, she's a number. Specifically Fired # 5. If you want to see office politics at it's worse, watch The Apprentice with Donald Trump. Donald is clearly a chauvanist and his female sidekick in the boardroom suffers from reverse discrimination. She seems to have it in for the females but yet referred to the men as "eye candy" in one of the episodes. The Donald is swayed by the catty women, yet he has no respect for them as a business assoiciate. The only strong woman in the group, Pamela, is put into two very difficult positions by Mr. Trump. Firstly, for the very first task, she volunteers to leave the women's group and lead the men. Secondly, Donald takes her from the men's group and puts her in charge of the fighting and coniving women's group and is told to bring them together. She does that with flying colors, and gets fired for her efforts. She manages to whip these catty women into a well worn business machine, which indeed was a feat of it's own. Although The D doesn't respect the women who are fighting and back stabbing amongst theirselves, he lets thier cattiness sway him in every decision in the board room! What's up with that? George liked Pamela, and suggested she'd be a great addition to Donald's team, but D shrugged him off. Could it be that Donald is still upset with George for wanting to get paid for his role on his show? Let's hope that this show is not the guideline for business as usual in America.


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